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Jun 23, 2009

Tissue Box Hidden Camera

People have a lot of imagination when talking about spy cameras and it is easy to understand why. We are talking about a lot of possibilities as technology has made it possible to use hidden cameras that are so small it is really hard to notice them. This is exactly the case with the Tissue Box Hidden Camera. There are some facts that make this spy gadget really useful. First of, there are no pinholes or wires so you can not really realize that it is a hidden camera. Also, it goes without saying that nobody would suspect a tissue box as a security system or a spy gadget. It can record in the dark and comes with 1 GB of storage space through a memory card. The even better news comes from the fact that you can upgrade it to a maximum of 16 GB. That is a lot of space for your hidden video recording adventure.

We are all interested in quality and you will be happy to know that the resolution of the Tissue Box Hidden Camera is 720 X 480 pixels, which is a lot more than many hidden cameras on the market today. During the day time it records color video and at night it records black and white. You can use recording that is activated via motion thanks to a motion detector included or you can simply set it up for continuous recording. We do recommend that you place the Tissue Box Hidden Camera in a good place that will capture the biggest part of a room and use the motion controlled setting in order to not record what is not interesting for you. Keep in mind that we are talking about a completely independant spy gadget. This basically means that you will not have to fight interference (like other wireless spy gadgets) and there is basically a build in digital video recorder. You can connect the gadget to your PC or simply remove the memory card if you have a memory card reader. This spy gadget might be perfect for your home or any recording you want done.

Probably the only real problem you might have with the unit stands in its price tag. Such a great spy gadget does not come cheap at all. You will need to pay $599.95 in order to purchase it. On the other hand, it is only a one tim payment and you can avoid spending a lot more on many other home security gadgets. To read more about the Tissue Box Hidden Camera or to buy visit BrickHouseSecurity.com.

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