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Jun 23, 2009

Miniature Spy Camera

If you suspect activities are going on in your place of business or your home, don’t assume anymore. There are many companies selling surveillance so make sure you purchase from a reputable manufacture. A camera is not going to help you if it is not reliable and of high quality.

Miniature spy cameras have many applications for home owners and business owners alike. These units have come down drastically in cost as manufacturing has become more efficient. You can find a lot of different specialty units for different purposes and applications. There are also many different types of miniature spy cameras. These cameras have specialized lenses and features depending on the intended operating environment. Determine your unique environment and needs before making a purchase.

Miniature spy cameras are a great way to conduct stealth surveillance in your place of business or home. There are two options for deploying these units. You can either hide them in an object or in the environment. Choose a camera that fits your needs there are many to choose from. There are cameras disguised as a box of tissues, id badges, wrist watches just to name a few. You can also place cameras in areas such as air ducts, drywall, electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, smoke detectors. Make sure you choose an object or location that any one in the room will not working with or near. If you are filming outdoors at night there are even imitation flood lights that are really a night vision spy camera.

Depending on the location or area you need to record you will want to purchase a different miniature spy camera. There are wide angle lenses for covering an entire room, and there a pinhole lenses for use in objects or where a narrow path needs to be recorded. You also need to consider if you will primarily be filming during the day or at night. There are both night and day cameras. Remember for night vision cameras you will need infrared illuminators to provide light for the camera to pick up in low light environments. Make sure you take the time to consider your options and features you will need for optimum coverage and surveillance. You can also purchase IR illuminators that look like emergency lighting. No one will know it is IR illuminators to see in the dark, because to the human eye IR light is not detectable.

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