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Jun 23, 2009

Secret Hidden Camera

Many homeowners have some form of secret hidden camera on or around their property. The reason that this is so is a matter of safety and comfort. Most people, when watching the local news or Nancy Grace, may get the idea in their head that there are burglars, robbers and rapists on every street corner, waiting for the perfect opportunity for a home invasion. While this isn’t necessarily factual, anything to ease the minds of a wary homeowner is a welcome sight. The fact of the matter is that terrible things do happen around a person’s household, and anything that offers more protection is certainly something worth looking into.

The use of secret hidden cameras manifests themselves in many ways around the house. Some households have a secret hidden camera in their floodlights outside. These cameras are activated through an infrared sensor and start recording once the floodlights detect motion. These cameras are great for picking up footage during the night, using the same infrared technology to record in total darkness. While floodlights alone are a great deterrent to would-be burglars, coupling a floodlight with a recording device ensures that justice has a better chance of prevailing, should an unfortunate incident occur.

Nanny-cams are also incredibly popular for use in the home. Small, secret hidden cameras can be placed in a child’s toy, such as a teddy bear or a Lincoln Log, and can record what happens between a child and a babysitter while the parents are away. This kind of peace of mind is a boon to the parents of an infant, allowing them a better chance of enjoying their free time away from their child. Nanny-cams have caught countless babysitters abusing or neglecting children and as such, these devices have gained worldwide fame because of their ability to ensure that the children of people who use such devices are in some ways more protected. These same cameras are also used quite often to monitor not just nannies but housekeepers and gardeners as well.

Many homes also employ hidden cameras near their driveways, and then beam the image to a television monitor. These types of cameras are geared towards people who are a bit more paranoid than others, but there is no doubt that many people may find such a device useful. At any rate, the boom of spy equipment for use by civilians has opened up a rather wide array of options to homeowners that are looking for more security in and around their homes.

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