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Jun 23, 2009

Outdoor Hidden Camera

When a typical person thinks of spy cameras, he or she likely is reminded of television series like “Get Smart” or “Mission: Impossible”. The image of a hidden camera in a shirt button, or a telephone in a shoe likely comes to mind. These types of devices, however, are relics of a day gone by when hysteria over hydrogen bombs and general Cold War mania ran rampant. Though there are many similarities between today’s spy equipment and the equipment that was used by the CIA for untold years and untold reasons, today’s spy cameras that are being sold in stores and on the internet are geared towards consumers looking for fun, security, or a little bit of both.

Consider the typical hidden camera. For anywhere between fifty and five-hundred dollars, you can own a small camera that can record video while remaining hidden in a pen, necktie, or a pair of sunglasses. This is only the start, and looking at a typical spy gear website will open your eyes to just how many small items a hidden camera can be placed inside of. While many of these products certainly have important uses, there are more practical applications for both indoor and outdoor hidden cameras.

Using an outdoor hidden camera is akin to an added layer of security around your home or business. There are no laws keeping a person from recording footage on their own property, though certain states will not allow you to record audio. Using an outdoor hidden camera on say, a floodlight, or hidden in the garage door will allow you to record an image of any potential burglars or other people with criminal intents.

Many people use indoor hidden cameras to not only protect their assets but also their children. Nanny-cams are often used to keep tabs on babysitters and nannies who, for whatever reason, a parent may not trust. Typically, a small hidden camera is placed inside something like a teddy bear or similar children’s toy, recording the activity that occurs between a nanny and a child while the parents are away. Some homes use multiple cameras that are all linked together wirelessly, allowing the parents to monitor what occurs while they’re gone in every room in the house. One thing is certain. While spy gadgetry is certainly fun and fascinating, there are indeed very practical uses for indoor and outdoor hidden cameras that can in fact allow a person to feel safer and more secure in their own homes.

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