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Jun 23, 2009

Portable Spy Camera

Buying a portable spy camera sounds like the fantasy of a young boy growing up in the Cold War era. Many people who in fact were young boys during the Cold War era may still harbor such fantasies of portable spy cameras. While this may have been a pipe dream forty, thirty, and even twenty years ago, it is now entirely possible for a person even of modest means to own some fairly advanced spy equipment.

A portable spy camera can be bought today from as low as fifty dollars to upwards of a thousand dollars. The reason why these portable spy cameras can be bought for such a relatively low price has to do not only with advancements in microchip technology but also because there is not as large a demand for high-tech gadgetry of a secret nature. One can look on any of the myriad websites or stores offering spy cameras and find devices that record audio, video, and still imagery in pens, neckties, sunglasses, and anything else one could possibly imagine.

While many of these spy cameras are used for reasons ranging from voyeurism to entertainment, many spy cameras actually do have useful applications. A spy camera can be great for using around the house, for instance. Setting up spy equipment in various rooms can help a person figure out whether or not their housekeeper is pilfering items, or if their babysitter is performing unwanted sexual advances towards their infants.

Outdoor spy cameras can also be of great use to the discerning homeowner. Small cameras can be installed into floodlights which will begin recording when any kind of motion activates the floodlights. This type of camera can prove to be, if not a lifesaver, certainly a murderer-identifier. There are also hidden cameras that can be placed anywhere near your garage or driveway to make sure that nobody is doing any damage to your car. These cameras can either record footage that can be viewed later, or can stream real time video to a television monitor so that you can view actions as they occur.

In any case, there is much to admire in the slew of new spy equipment that is flooding the shelves these days. A wary homeowner has much that he or she can enjoy in these products, and a person just looking for a little fun or voyeurism also will find a lot to enjoy.

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