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Jun 23, 2009

Audio Spy Equipment

Audio spy equipment can be very useful in the right hands. It is necessary, however, to know the different legal implications that may arise when recording somebody’s speech and voice. Purchasing and owning audio spy equipment is certainly legal, but complications arise when the audio spy equipment is put into use.

Recording video or still imagery of a person is legal in all fifty states when it is done in the privacy of that person’s home. Using a nanny-cam, or any other kind of recording device is allowed and there are no legal restraints. It is akin to the old saying, “A man’s home is his kingdom”. While there is an element of truth to that old adage, a man is not always allowed to record audio in his palace. There are certain states where using audio spy equipment is illegal. These states are Connecticut, California, Florida, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Louisiana, Montana, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington. In these states, you may only record a person if you have their consent. This kind of takes the point out of audio spy equipment, though, because the person likely won’t implicate themselves into something illegal if they know that they are being recorded.

This is evocative of the idea of ‘tapping’ somebody on the telephone. Again, you may wish to do this and likely won’t be caught or even prosecuted, but you should know that recording somebody without their knowledge will not help you if you are trying to get this person to admit to something illegal. Just like recording somebody from your home, recording somebody without their consent can not be used as evidence in a court of law. This isn’t to say that recording somebody’s audio isn’t always useful. In many ways and instances, recording a person’s voice can be useful at times.

Video spy equipment, on the other hand, is a perfectly viable option if you are trying to get somebody in legal trouble for their actions. This is why many people hire private investigators. The pictures or video that these people take can be used in any kind of legal proceeding, such as a

All in all, using audio equipment for spying shouldn’t be used if the intent is to enwrap the person in legal implications. Instead, one looking for a little fun, or perhaps a little trouble, might wish to purchase these items for those sole reasons.

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