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Jun 9, 2009

Dell Adds "My WiFi" Access-Point Tech to Notebooks

Dell has added the Intel "My WiFi" technology to three notebooks: the Studio 15, Studio 17, and the Studio XPS 16, the company said Tuesday.

What is My WiFi? Put simply, it's the combination of an Intel Centrino 2 platform as well as some associated Intel software that turns your Wi-Fi client into an access point, so that others might share a single Ethernet-based Internet connection.

The technology allows up to eight Wi-Fi devices and to share files between them on a Centrino 2-based laptop running Windows Vista, according to Lionel Menchaca, who blogged about the addition for Dell.

"So what could do with My WiFi? If you're at a hotel and logged in for broadband access, you could share your connection with other Wi-Fi enabled laptops in a room, or transfer images from a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone to your laptop," Menchaca wrote. "In the home networking side, you could use it to print wirelessly or to share photos from your laptop directly to a photo frame without having to transfer the images through a cable or via an SD card. Pretty cool stuff."

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