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Jul 8, 2009

Review: BT-1 Bluetooth Webcam

If there is one gadget that really caught my attention this year, besides the Palm Pre, was the BT-1 Bluetooth Webcam from Ecamm Network. The BT-1, which won Macworld Best of Show, has received much praise since its announcement at Macworld and I was quite excited to open it up and give it a try.

The BT-1 is the worlds first Bluetooth webcam that only comes with one cable — a USB cable for charging the device. The BT-1 connects wirelessly to your Mac for video chatting, recording, and broadcasting with no wires to slow you down.

The BT-1 records 640×480 H.264 video and 48 kHz AAC audio, with a range of 10-30 feet. Now keep in mind — the BT-1 connects to your computer via Bluetooth. In order to setup the BT-1, you’ll need to head over to their website, and download a System Preferences panel item to connect the device to your computer. The BT-1 comes preset with the Bluetooth code “0000″ to make it easier to connect.

The BT-1 has an impressive four hours of recording time and records audio using a stereo microphone. The BT-1 is compatible with most programs, and Ecamm has posted a full list here. The BT-1 comes with a standard folding tripod for easy to use stable video, that you could take on the road with you.

Ecamm mentions that if you’d like longer range, there is a Class 1 Range Extender coming soon, that could go all the way up to 200 feet! The BT-1 from Ecamm Network is available and and is shipping now.

Bottom Line

The BT-1 is on sale for $149.00 and I think the price point is a little high, but the actual device is well worth it. With more and more Bluetooth technologies coming out, it’ll be exciting to watch what happens!

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