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Jun 29, 2009

Top 10 Fashion Gadgets

#10 – As a lethal beauty, Agent 99 couldn’t resist Chanel’s weapon-wear for the runway. It’s fashion and function in one…IF you’re a spy.

#9 – Skooba’s Skreener Bag wouldn’t fool modern-day X-ray machines, but looks like it might. Fashion is all about appearances.

#8 – Dr. Jenny Tillotson constructed this scent dress to mimic the body’s circulation system. An interactive fabric emits a selection of scents depending on your mood to create a personal “smell bubble.” Probably not the most stealth of outfits.

#7 – All you need is love. Literally. The “Embrace Me” hoodie’s logo pattern, made of a silver conductive fabric, is powered when two people embrace: it lights up while giving off a faint heartbeat sound.

#6 – Cleopatra’s iconic gold arm band goes digital with the Nike+ SportBand. Runners can monitor distance, pace, time and calories burned and then plug into their laptop to download the data.

#5 – Charge your iPod Shuffle while you bask on the beach. NYU student Andrew Schneider’s solar bikinis are handmade and specifically designed to fit and flatter your body. A male version, with enough voltage to keep a six pack of beer cool (the original inspiration for the project) is in the works.

#4 – A tiny sensor strapped into the laces of the running shoes in the Nike+ Capable series makes it possible listen to real-time Nike audio feedback wirelessly through to the receiver.
#3 – Keep your data close to your heart and covered in bling with Swarovski’s clever charm with a hidden jump drive for stealing files (or just downloading party pics off friends’ laptops, for us NON-spys).

#2 – Ideal for slope-side sleuth work. Burton’s Audex ski jacket is fitted with enough gear to fuel a private dj station. Bluetooth technology and a control panel with caller ID are hidden in the sleeve, and speakers and a microphone are concealed in the hood.

#1 – Proof that the future is finally here: fashion and comfort have merged. These Mary Janes are just one of several collapsible heels that have hit the market. Go from stilettos to kitten heels in a few clicks.

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