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Jun 12, 2009

Air Writing: Your Killer Mobile App?

This one is still a bit far off, but a prototype of a new mobile app lets cell phone users write short messages in the air and send them to an e-mail address, reports Live Science.

The idea is that instead of having to text someone, or take out a stylus, you could simply hold your cell phone like a pen and just "write" the note or even draw simple diagrams, said Sandip Agrawal, an electrical and computer engineering student at Duke University in North Carolina, in the report.

The air writing app--dubbed "PhonePoint"--takes advantages of accelerometers found inside devices like the iPhone, according to the article. At the moment, users of the app have to pause between each letter and can't write cursively, either. But in the future, researchers expect to improve that situation as accelerometers get more sensitive--and hope to add the ability to snap a picture and then write a note on it before sending it off.

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