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Nov 12, 2008

Hand Camera Concept Design

Sometimes, I will see something that is worth photographing. If I don’t have a camera on me, I take my two fingers and make an L-shapes and frame the subject in question. It’s the same thing you see directors do on television. I always wondered if real filmmakers do that in reality. They probably don’t.

A Japanese designer named Mac Funamizu is currently designing a camera of the future that works on this age-old finger principle. The camera is put in a pair of sunglasses, and what you see here is what the user is seeing through the sunglasses.

Funamizu’s camera works by putting your fingers in the place where you would want to frame your subject. Then you take your picture with a wink. That is a literal wink by the way, as in you shut your left eye, and the picture is taken in your literal hand frame.

Don’t ask me how it works. If I knew that, it probably wouldn’t be concept technology. I’ve even heard that Funamizu has taken his visionary step further by saying that the sunglasses will display information about the subject that you are photographing.

So, when are these photographing shades due to hit the market? Well, I would say some time in the realm of soon. If you really want this, feel free to give a shout out on the Comments section.
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