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Nov 5, 2008

Fantasy Gadgets For Your Home!!!

Homes today have become the playground for all our fantasies -- this may be a direct result of busy working lives spent in conformity. If the best of LCD televisions, Playstations and other gizmos have already become a part of your regular life, there are enough off-the-planet ideas to bring novelty into the home.

Here's looking into some of the hottest gadgets for your home.

Tantrum alarm clock
Wake up to the tantrum-throwing alarm clock, which opens its mouth wide to get out a good scream. It is capable of dancing to its own music, nodding when patted down and of course throwing a tantrum for one hour.
The Tantrum Alarm Clock runs on 4 AA batteries, and it has a warning light of flashing red lights in his eyes if the batteries are low. You can also plug in an AC cord if you want more power.

Electric table
Cooking in front of the television, every housewife's dream, is now possible, thanks to the mobile electric table called the COOX. It has an adjustable height and can be wheeled out of sight the moment work is done.

So Maggi noodles and soups are easily doable, even more ambitious fare can be tried while sympathising with the latest oppressed bahu, or jigging with the celebrity contestants on the latest reality dance show.

Smart oven

The next step in cooking - or rather not cooking - is the smart oven developed by Samsung teamed with Birds Eye frozen foods that knows how to cook a meal by just reading "Smart Codes" found on specially marked packaging.

Buyers seeking the ultimate in convenience will appreciate this oven, just scan and cook. Though, of course, there is no word yet on availability.

Customisable shower panel
The bathroom has its own set of totally over-the-top items, but for those budding writers and poets one invaluable item is the erasable shower tablet, which comes with its own suction pad, writing instrument and wiper.

Those who spend a lot of time in the bathroom can also think of using the customisable shower panel that plays favourite music play lists with preset settings, dims the lights, provides steam and a massage, apart from actually being a shower space!

Bathtub with sound vibration
A bathtub with sound vibration, chromatherapy and music are choreographed in four pre-set compositions that guide you to profound relaxation. There are whirlpools and airbaths to renew your body and spirit, with effervescence, neckjets, backjets and/or chromatherapy, targeted hydro-massage .

All of the above are remote controlled for even further ease. A full-body hydro-massage via airjets, powered by a blower that adjusts massage intensity, where warm air is injected into the bath is the basic description of an air bath.

An automated water closet is available, which senses approach, opens, warms the seat, washes, wipes and flushes automatically. It disinfects and shuts on its own too. Pots of automation!

For the overworked housewife, there is succour around the corner. The yet to be marketed "WashDryIron" is an all-in-one machine that can handle up to 16 items at once.All the washing, drying, and ironing take place in separate compartments with each piece on hangers to prevent creases, designed by Oliver Blackwell.

The young designer would not be wrong in expecting it to fly off the shelves once it is available, it is a dream come true for every person who has wrestled with housework.

Six part toaster
A good talking point would be the stylish Six Part Toaster by Matt Gossington, which really gets the job done. It sports six individual compartments that can be removed to keep your toast hot and crispy.

Ideal for homeowners who are inspired by contemporary touches in their living space, or maybe just a large family who eat together- who cares! It is a truly wonderful looking appliance that also gives hot toast.

Japanese air shower system
For the really fussy montessori mama, for whom an antiseptic wash is just not enough, the Japanese airshower system is perfect.

Situated in a 2 m (tall) x 90 cm (wide) chamber and using 12 nozzles to blow off any allergens (pollen and dust) found on the body/clothes it is ideal to keep kids allergy free.

It could even be placed at a common space in the society premises for use of all the children.

Sharpshooter TV remote
Among the smaller gadgets that can give as much or maybe higher levels of happiness would be the sharp shooter remote. The Sharp Shooter TV Remote is perfect for settling those disputes over who wants to watch what.

No more battling over the ordinary, regular remote. To re-enforce your point the Replica Revolver Remote emits a 'BANG !' sound every time the trigger is squeezed. So just show them who is the boss in the three-sofa town! It will also work on the music system.

Come-in and go-away doormat
The Come-in and Go-away'doormat changes sides and lettering to both welcome and shoo away your guests. Just make sure it doesn't read the opposite when relatives are due!

The come in and go away doormat isn't just a novelty as it is made to the highest quality from natural materials so that your guests can clean their shoes on the way in and not traipse mud all over your house!

Available off the Internet, most of these products are only for the truly interested. Take your pick.
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