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Oct 28, 2008

Gadgets Women love!!!

Now that it has been established (after a long harrowing time) that a female technology enthusiast is not a myth, women seem to have yet another battle on their hands-the battle of Pink!

"It's highly frustrating,'' says Sayali Moghe, a self-confessed gadget geek, "when people simply assume that if you are buying gadgets for girls, just pick the colour pink.''

Reality check: contrary to conventional wisdom, not all women want to be seen toting pearly pink or stonestudded gadgets. Don't get us wrong. Women do like cute colours and machines that make a fashion statement, but that's not the only factor that makes them decide. In fact, there is a powerful difference between how men and women use technologies. The hip professional women of today look way beyond cute, helpless little pink toys.

So here are some tips to guide you in your quest for the perfect Diwali gift for the Venus in your life.

Cell phones

Sophisticated women want phones that offer great functionality (instead of millions of features) apart from sleek form. This is mainly because women are known to use their phones as tools of communication rather than playthings.

So the key factors to look for in a phone are an easy-to-use interface, a one-click camera and easy texting. Women also think of their phone as an extension of their personality, so look for one that comes with personalised features, from ringtones to wallpapers.

Women love to take pictures, so go for a phone with a good camera, 2 mega pixel and above, with an autofocus.

Finally, size matters. There's only so much space in that Dior clutch. A few good models to start with could be the iPhone, Nokia 76 and Sony Ericsson W580c.


The first thing to look for when buying a notebook for your girl is the form. Something sleek that fits into a shoulder bag is perfect. So try looking for skinny ones like MacBook air and ultra portables from companies like Acer and Fujitsu.

Another subtle factor that can win you brownie points is laptops that come with a wider spacing of the keys, designed for long fingernails. Sony's ultraportable computer notebooks take into account this important fact. Then, of course, there are the textured ones like the recently released HP laptop for women.

MP3 players

Music has always been dear to women, and the tiny MP3 players flooding the market are the perfect gifts for ladies. However, while looking for a good player, take into consideration factors like adaptable headsets designed for delicate female ears. Bang & Olufsen gets this perfectly with their A8 earphones.

These earphones are designed to perfectly fit the contours and curves of every individual ear and promise to deliver unsurpassed sound quality. Women also like players that multitask, so look for MP3 players that double as thumb drives to carry data on. The sleek range of MP3 players from San-Disk fit might fit this bill.
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